Our Contributors


Ong Chin Leng, Educator

Chin Leng is an educator and a personal growth architect. His passion lies in transforming lives through holistic person-centric approaches that unleash the best in individuals according to their unique life gifts and circumstances. Drawn by the desire to discover what a flourishing life entails, he pursued a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology in the University of Pennsylvania right after his science undergraduate education. Chin Leng espouses a life mission of “. He does this by combining his life experiences as a practitioner with the science of positive psychology in his teaching and training.


Concetta Arnese Aquaro, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Concetta Arnese Aquaro is well-taught in the area of Health and Sport Psychology and has a licence in Public and Private Practice – National Examination. She is also a member of the Italian Society for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (SITCC), a scientific and professional non-profit organization with more than 3000 members who are graduates in Medicine or Psychology.

Ray Freeman, Hypno-Psychotherapist

Ray has an honors degree in Psychology and had a long career lecturing in psychology and mental health. He is highly qualified in Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Teaching. In addition, Ray is the Chairman and a fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

Dr. Hua Wei, Organisational Psychologist

Dr. Hua Wei is an organizational psychologist who has other specialisations in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), workplace counselling, single parenting counseling, cross cultural psychology and coaching, She has also been the owner of International Perspectives since November 2007 and offers her expertise in cross-cultural management, interpersonal communication and gender issues to her clients.

Dr. Foo Koong Hean, Consultant Psychologist  

Dr Titus Foo has spent many years in the area of psychological studies and teaching. He lectures with The School of Positive Psychology and James Cook University Singapore. Since the start of Positive Psychology Center, he has actively promoted the movement and education of positive psychology in many aspects of life. Dr. Foo was often nominated as a keynote speaker in several positive psychology-related conferences such as Happiness and Its Causes 2009 and Positive Psychology Forum 2010. In addition to his academic work, Titus is an experienced CBT psychotherapist and a facilitator of personal development programmes.

Kate Hefferon, Positive Psychologist

Kate is the author of several peer reviewed papers, books and book chapters and has presented at conferences nationally and internationally. She is also the co-founder of the Scottish Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis Group and former co-facilitator of the London Regional IPA group. Currently, she is a member of the British Psychological Society (Division of Teachers and Researcher in Psychology); a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, the Royal Society of Arts and an Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).

Dr. Marilyn H. Murphy, Senior Psychologist

Dr. Marilyn H. Murphy is a Psychologist with much varied expertise. Her backgrounds of teaching, consulting and training with many diverse groups, ages, and cultures has created in her teaching the kind of synergy that only solid theory and hands-on work 'in the trenches' can provide.She has worked as a licensed psychologist in California for many years, along with teaching psychology courses in many of California's most-respected universities. Dr. Murphy’s many years of experience have focused primarily on consulting and training professionals in the social sciences in both private and public organisations.

Xiaolin Li, Positive Psychology Trainer

Xiaolin, resident TSPP coach and master trainer of her own coaching firm Tango, is an experienced speaker who specializes in positive psychology and relationships, which highlight aspects such as mindfulness, emotions, and esteem-boosting techniques.