School Facilities

The School of Positive Psychology is uniquely designed as a professional and adult learning space, classrooms for lectures, seminars and focus group discussions. Seating arrangements are subjected to circular seating (group work, peer discussion or psychotherapy session) or seminar style seating (lectures, workshops, presentations).

Studying & Discussion area:  67.55 sqm 7 students (Presentation or circular seating)

Student Admin area:  18.74 sqm

Classroom A (Gratitude Room):  58.0 sqm 38 students (lecture or presentation seating)

Classroom B (Resilience Room):  31.5 sqm 21 students (Seminar style seating)

Classroom C (Happy Room):  28.6 sqm 12 students (Circular seating)

Lectures and seminars are fully supported by audio and video multimedia systems such as computers, projectors and speakers. Laptop charging stations, photocopiers, scanners, and telephones are available for usage. Snacks, hot and cold beverages are readily available for lectures and seminar breaks.

These fully-equipped rooms are also avaliable for rental at a very competitve rate.

To obtain more information and a tour of our premises, please contact us at 6884 5161 or email