Expressing Individuality Is Not a Crime


Childhood, a time where you slowly gear up to become an adult.
The path towards adulthood may not always be a simple one.
This is an article about riding through the storms and how to survive it. 

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it most”. Ashleigh Brillian

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it most”. Ashleigh Brill

This quote is often reiterated by many people, but extremely difficult to follow through.  Hate often spreads like wild fire, and leaves a bitter mark on innocent hearts.  But I believe that kindness brightens our world. It can change perspectives, turn a dire situation around and bring hope to mankind.


Did you know it is possible for us to trick our immune system to perform better? 

It’s not that we do not care; but rather we do not know how to show that we do.

Most of the time, we do not tell people how we feel; it’s not that we don't care, but rather it’s because we do not know how to show that we care.  Often we find it embarrassing and awkward hence we just wait and wait and say nothing just to avoid the discomfort.