29 Apr & 6 May (Sat)

2pm - 5pm

Location: 112 Middle Road, #08-01 Midland House S(188970)

Do you struggle with communicating with your teen? Sometimes wonder what is going with them & in their lives? Or are they simply pushing all the boundaries and you aren't sure how to manage them? Do you wish for a closer relationship with them?

The relationship you create with your teen forms the secure base from which they can positively grow and become the adults you envision them to be. With this base, they can explore and discover who they are.

Come and join in a small, cosy group learning experience faciltiated by Parenting Expert Sha-En Yeo, and Youth Coach Claire Ong. Both Sha-En & Claire hold a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. 

What we will cover in the 2-part workshop (29 Apr & 6 May) to support parents to raise thriving teens:

  • Part 1: Understanding your role as the parent

  • Part 2: Common issues faced by teens (that they won't tell their parents) and how to grow the relationship

  • Part 3: Tips to communicate more effectively


(1) 30-min Parent coaching session with Shaen/Claire on (worth $250)
(2) FREE signed copy of my #1 Best-selling book “The Road to Success” co-authored with Jack Canfield (worth $40)

VERY LIMITED SPOTS. Grab your seat today!

What other parents say:

"I'm more confident as a parent now thanks to Sha-En!"
C. Chia, mum of 3

"Claire has that special 'people-quality'. It's easy to open up to her with no reservations."
K.Lim, mum of 2

"Sha-En is able to get to the root of the issue of what's happening with my kids!"
J. Seow, dad of 2. 

"Claire & her partner have the right vision! It's great that such a program exists!" A . Yap, mum of 2

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