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                         Learning Can be fun!

Right from an early age, mental exercise is important. The Posi+ive Cognition™ programme powered by Neeuro technology allows your children's cognition to be measured and trained to help in school and everyday life.


A Wholesome Course , Tailored to Boost Your Child's Brain and develop a Positive Psychology.

Many kids find it hard to focus nowadays, which affects their learning and can lead to many challenges like poor
working memory and decision making.

Studies have shown that children with better cognitive skills do well in school and in future successes.

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Neeuro's brainwave sensor

Using the most modern methods of brain training by combining neurotechnology with Scientific games for your child's benefit. Scientific games co-developed by A*STAR, Singapore's national research agency. As featured in CHANNELNEWSASIA, THE STRAITS TIMES, asiaone, Lianhe Zaobao and YAHOO!


Psychologists-led training

through engaging and Scientific cognitive games and activities targeting Attention, Memory, Spatial Ability, Decision/Flexibility and Social-Emotional skills. 

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