Date: 28th October, 2017. Saturday
Time: 430pm- 6pm


Struggling to get the point across to your kids? Not wanting to regress to “baby-talk” for children aged 6-12 years

Let us help you to bridge the gap of communication.

Research has demonstrated that mindfulness training leads to decreased anxiety, stress and burnout in teachers and caregivers.

What if you could skilfully harness the art of communication with your child to promote mindfulness, love and harmony at home?

  • Learn how to use your voice so that your children will listen to what you say.
  •  Identify the 6 elements of voice to promote mindful communication at home.
  • Construct mindful feedback to motivate children at home and even adults at the workplace.
  • Practice 5 mindful tools to promote self-care and promote the well-being of children and everyone at home.
  • Support your children who are attending the Mindful Me classes.

Bring home Mindful Tools to Increase Self Control, Focus and Positive Communication Skills.

Investment: $60 /parent , $88/2 parents (Usual Price)
Complimentary with sign up for Mindful Me class

Date: 28th October, 2017. Saturday
Time: 430pm- 6pm

Proudly brought to you by Positive Focus (Passionately creating a better world through integrative, holistic and applied learning with a positive focus on children and parents since 2006) and The School of Positive Psychology (The first school in Asia to deliver courses in Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy since 2007)

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