24 & 25 March 2018
9am - 5pm

Location: The School of Positive Psychology

MINDFULNESS - non-judgmental awareness of curiosity about, and acceptance of one’s present moment experience – is becoming an increasingly popular approach to holistic health, wellness, and thriving for individuals and institution. 

A growing body of scientific research suggests that cultivating mindfulness can robustly enhance cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social well being. 

During this 2-day workshop, you will equip yourself with both theoretical and experiential understanding of mindfulness psychology. Grounded in the assumption that effective mindfulness facilitation requires maintaining a personal mindfulness practice, this workshop will emphasize hands-on learning of mindfulness techniques so that you can authentically guide yourself and others on a long-term path of mindfulness. 

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Learn about the history, branches, and present state of mindfulness psychology
  • Debunk myths and misconceptions about mindfulness Practice effectively communicating the benefits of mindfulness
  • Explore the relationship between mindfulness and (positive) psychology
  • Experience a variety of both formal and informal mindfulness practices
  • Explore how to start, sustain, and deepen mindfulness practices (and how to coach others to do this)
  • Learn how to overcome the most common barriers to mindfulness
  • Consider how to apply mindfulness, for yourself and with others
  • Practice specific exercises and techniques to lead mindful experiences with others, including how to lead a guided meditation
  • Develop and receive tools and resources to help you build your skills in applying mindfulness with yourself and with others. 

Investment: S$ 2,140

For more information: 
T: 6884 5161

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