08 December 2017

2 PM - 4PM


Positive Parent-Child Family Workshop

Exclusively designed for families with children 7 – 12 years old!

Enjoy an integrated, dynamic and holistic learning experience for everyone. Join us for a fun-filled hour of Positive Family Communication and bonding time through Musical Moments, Family Yoga, Relaxation, Positive Psychology, Neuro – Linguistic Programming, Games and More!

A fun and interactive workshop for members of families to learn how to communicate with each other and to achieve congruency between:

  • parents & children
  • parent & parent
  • siblings

POSITIVE FAMILIES also creates harmony, warmth and a caring emotional environment at home.
Our workshops complement the various age-appropriate programs and acknowledge the different stages families go through with their children’s development.This fun and interactive program offers all participants, whether children or attending parents / caregivers, the tools to become better communicators and learners, and ways to deal with stress and dissonance.

Fee:  $75 (2 Family members).
         $20 (Additional Family member)

*** Early Bird Special *** 
$67.50 (2 Family members) Register by 7 November 2017

Please wear pants or slacks as there will be lots of movements.
Seats are limited to Only 15 per class. 
Don't Miss it! This event is run only ONCE every six months!!!

Proudly brought to you by Positive Focus (Passionately creating a better world through integrative, holistic and applied learning with a positive focus on children and parents since 2006) and The School of Positive Psychology (The first school in Asia to deliver courses in Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy since 2007)

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