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Focus on Taking Positive Actions! Be A Positive Teacher / Parent (Kindergarten  – 12 yrs)

Being Positive is not just about Positive Thinking. Bring home more than 100 activities you can practice with children daily to foster optimism, raise IQ, EQ, self -awareness, communication skills and physical wellness.

Join our exciting Positive Focus Impact Training (PFIT) for teachers and parents that brings you on an eye-opening journey into our signature program using Neuro – Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Rhythmic Yoga Play, Music & Movement and Whole Brain Development techniques. This high impact training will prepare you to teach this life-enriching program that gives children and families a head-start in EQ, IQ, self-awareness, communication skills and physical wellness. This incredible journey will not only bring you a command of your own EQ as well as joy and satisfaction from sharing this knowledge with others, it can also be a financially viable business.

This programme is also suitable for positive partners who want to start a successful teaching business that:

  • Gives you lots of freedom
  • Delivers the joy of teaching in a supportive and positive environment 

Parents are the best teachers. As a parent, you have a profound impact on the lives of your children. With practical and easy to do activities, you can optimize the benefits of the program to your family. This concentrated high impact training will not only enhance your parenting skills, you can help others realize these benefits as an educator too. This workshop is open to all individuals seeking to make working with children and families a career, or simply as an enrichment of knowledge to the infinite possibilities of Yoga Play, Neuro-Linguistic Programming , Positive Psychology and Music.

Pre-requisites to be an educator.
(*Not applicable for parents who are attending the course to enhance their parenting skills.)

  1. Must be fit and flexible in mind and body.
  2. Have a strong clear singing voice and is comfortable singing in public
  3. Demonstrate strong steady beat ability and rhythmic sensitivity
  4. Speak good English and able to communicate effectively
  5. Love working with children and adults alike

On-going Obligation to retain Certification 

  • Attendance of at least 12 hours of professional development seminar a year

Course Structure:

An interactive and hands-on workshop that encompasses demonstrations, break-out group discussions and presentations, lectures and practical sessions. Candidates will have ample opportunities to not only to understand the Positive Focus® approach but also to network with fellow candidates and gain insights from each other’s experiences and reflections.

Course Outline:

  • Positive Focus philosophy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Practical Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Parents / Teachers and Children in it’s simplest form 
  • Positive Classroom Management strategies 
  • Speech Development and Creative Drama 
  • Yoga Play for Children 
  • The 7 chakras for beginners (the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through) 
  • Personality types – applications of the Enneagram in parenting, teaching, and relationships. (Enneagram can be used to understand behavior and dynamics.) 
  • Learning styles (Preferred representational system)

(Especially for Parents & teachers working with children K – 12 yrs)!

  • Exclusive A – Z Animal Safari Yoga Play
  • Exclusive A – Z Fitness Fun with Body Alphabet
  • Breathing exercises for children, parents, and teachers
  • Brain – Balancing exercises
  • Musical games and dramatic dances
  • Exercises to enhance self – control skills & ability to listen

Investment: $2000 / pax
Early bird promotion: $1800
Sign up in Pairs: $1700 by 30th August 2017

Limited space! Maximum 15 participants per intake to ensure maximum learning!

We are pleased to provide further discounts for participants who are serious about enriching the lives of children and their families and have attained relevant certifications that will strengthen their potential to teach the Positive Focus Programmes.Further discounts for participants with the following certifications:

Certificate of Educational Studies, U.K.(Accredited by The College of Teachers, U.K.)

  1. Certificate of Educational Studies – Phonics
  2. Certificate of Educational Studies – Music & Movement
  3. Certificate of Educational Studies – Speech Development & Creative Drama

Students from The school of Positive Psychology

  1. Certifications from all levels of courses in the School of Positive Psychology


  1. Yoga instructors or Yogakids certification
  2. Neuro – linguistic programming (Practitioner) certification
  3. Speech & Drama  Certification – Grade 5 and above
  4. Certificate in early childhood education
  5. Diploma in Montessori Method  of education

$100 Off per certificate. *Capped at a maximum of $200.

Includes manuals, exclusive Fitness Fun with Body Alphabet Cards©, A – Z Animal Safari Yoga Chart,  Music and Movement CD,   1 personality profiling test and 1 learning style test.

The workshop is highly hands on! More than 100 activities will be explored to Nurture Positive Habits that Last a lifetime for children K – 12 years. Be prepared to raise your energy levels and connect with your inner child.

1 year on-going support

All participants will have the opportunity to observe and assist in the Positive Focus programmes at selected preschool / enrichment centres, partners / community centers on weekdays or weekends.

All participants are entitled to attend our 2hr 5 weekly trainings in 2017 (up to 5 sessions)

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