10 & 11 June 2017

9am - 5pm

Location: The School of Positive Psychology


Psychological characteristics such as hope, optimism and resilience increase our ability to effectively deal with problems, whilst the experience of positive emotions allows us to broad our thinking and be creative in the face of a challenge.

To what degree is it beneficial to have a positive, optimistic, or hopeful outlook? Why, and in which ways do optimism and hope confer their beneficial effects? Does being optimistic and hopeful help us also to be more resilient? Can resilient be taught? Contrary to many popular claims, research is unanimous on the fact that resilience can be developed through evidence-base techniques.

SPARK Resilience Training is able to address issues such as increased competition and demographic changes. It is also useful for leadership and personal development. It also helps to improve productive, motivation and job satisfaction. 

7 Revolutionary Tips to Take Away!

  1. Understand how resilience, hope and optimism are linked;
  2. Learn how cognition and thinking styles play a part in being resilient;
  3. Improve one's crisis coping strategies and the quality of decision-making under stress;
  4. Improve one's general sense of well-being; 
  5. Develop one's ability to thrive and flourish (rather than just survive) in the face of inevitable difficulties and uncertainties; 
  6. Improve life satisfaction and happiness levels; 
  7. Regain a sense of pleasure and control in life. 

This comprehensive training takes participants on a gourmet of Self-reflection and Cognitive/Emotional development.

Participants will learn stress coping strategies and how to configure mindsets, which will lead to personal growth and an improved sense of purpose in life. 


Investment: S$ 2,000

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