30 August 2018, Thursday
730PM – 930PM

Location: The School of Positive Psychology

Let’s pause and look into our lives. Are you happy with where you stand in life today? How is your progress towards your goals? A number of us may be unhappy with where we are heading towards or the stagnation we are in, yet we are unaware of what we can do today to improve our lives tomorrow.

We are the protagonist of our life and we play a huge role in influencing the direction which our lives take. That being said, it is thus important for us to know our personality type and learn tactics to get ahead in life base on which side of the scale we fall for each of the four main personality pillars.

Four main personality pillars: 

  • How you are energised (extraversion or introversion) 
  • The way you take in information (sensing or intuition)
  • Things you weigh when making decision (thinking or feeling)
  • How you organise your time and world (judging or perceiving) 

Join us on 30 August as we bring your strengths out of your personality. Together we will explore the secrets to get ahead in life and fulfilling the lives we want!

The talk will be followed by a 30mins course preview on our Positive Psychology programmes by our consultant.  

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Positive Psychology courses offered at The School of Positive Psychology 

·      Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology

·      Diploma in Psychology and Positive Psychology

·      Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology

·      Postgraduate Diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology and Leadership

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