27, 28, 29 November 2017

2PM - 5PM



Proudly brought to you by Positive Focus (Passionately creating a better world through integrative, holistic and applied learning with a Positive focus on children and parents) and The School of Positive Psychology (The first school in Asia to deliver courses in Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy).

Our world is rapidly changing. Our children will be expected to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape. It has been proven scientifically that children with STRONG Social Emotional development are better learners and achieve better academic results.

Children will have fun learning and practicing positive life skills that will help them be both present and future ready.

The Program focuses on 3 Key Areas of Learning and Development: 

The 🌟POSITIVE ME🌟 camp helps children develop age appropriate TOOLS and SKILLS to cope with life challenges and THRIVE in their learning and development.

Noticeable benefits observed in past participants include: 
💪Adaptation of Positive daily habits that lead to improved posture, fitness and health 
🙆Gains in Emotional and Social intelligence 
Gains in Self-esteem and Confidence
🙇Improved Self-presentation skills
🙏Enhanced ability to self regulate and monitor own thoughts and behavior
💖Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate better in solving tasks 
💙Replace limiting beliefs with empowering and new ones
Cultivate a Positive and Resilient attitude to adapt to stressful situations and new environments 

This highly popular holistic program for kids has had more than 40 successful runs in the past 10 years.

Program brochure available upon request: 
🍀: 6884 5161

Investment: $400 per child 

Special Promo.

  • Special rate for Past Program/Camp Participants - 15% Savings
  • Early Bird: $360 (register by 27 October)
  • Sibling / Buddy Package: $342/ea (register by 27 October)

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