1 December 2018
1030am - 2pm

Location: The School of Positive Psychology

Welcome to TSPP, we have activities planned on 1 December 2018 from 1030am - 2pm, including presentations by our academics, sharing sessions from students, and lots of opportunities to learn more about the The School of Positive Psychology (TSPP)!

1030am - 12pm: Positive Psychology Talk
1230pm - 2pm: Psychotherapy Talk & Course 

Exclusive Year End Specials!
Get to enjoy special perks on 1 December 2018!

  • -Registration Fee Waiver ($160.50)
  • - Course Fee Rebates (Diploma Programmes - S$214 / Graduate & Professional Diploma - S$428) 

For a prefatory experience of what we do, what we offer, what you stand to gain, and how you plan to grow, join us on 1 December 2018! 

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