Studying at TSPP

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is the study of people: how they think, how they act, react and interact. It is concerned with all aspects of human functioning including behaviour, thoughts, feelings, emotions and motivation.

You will need to have a great interest in understanding, investigating, and analysing how humans think, feel and behave. Students will develop the expertise to enable the collection and assessment of empirical evidence about human behaviour.

Problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills will be enhanced through the study of psychology. We are committed in providing career focused higher education training. Our training facilities from classrooms, library, clinic, to IT resources are most suitable for contemporary psychology training.

Our programmes are modular which allows both flexibility and specialisation in psychology. You can also choose general option modules from other subjects offered by The School of Positive Psychology. This enables you to select your modules to suit your particular strengths and interests.

Teaching and Learning

The teaching and learning at The School of Positive Psychology will involve lectures, tutorials and lab sessions. Lectures are supported by “clinic” hours where students have the opportunity to discuss the content of lectures or coursework with the lecturer.

Lab sessions are in smaller groups, and involve collaborating with other students, with the support of professional supervisors. You will also have a personal tutor to advise you and to help you with any academic or personal issues that arise.

Assessment Method

  • Assessment is based on coursework, project work and examinations.
  • The course is modular with exams in Mar/June/Sep/Dec for term 1 modules, and “as follows” for term 2 modules.
  • Coursework weighs 60% of the marks in each module. Written examination comprising short answers and multiple choice questions or practicum weighs 40% of the marks in each module.

Entry Requirements

We welcome applications from people with a wide variety of qualifications, skills and experience. Please refer to specific individual courses for entry requirements. If in doubt, please feel free to enquire through our admission office using the Enquiry form.

Career Opportunities

We offer you specialised modules in Applications of Psychology and Positive Psychology; Career Skills such as Counselling and psychotherapy, Volunteering, Action and Experience, to provide you with the understanding and skills to make decisions about your future career. Graduates can pursue professional careers in clinical, educational, counselling, health, occupational psychology. Our programmes require the acquisition of a broad base of knowledge and skills, our psychology graduates have a competitive advantage in the real world of work across a very wide range of occupations and professions.