Did you know that you can beef up your immune system just be looking at pictures?

Our immune system defends our body; it helps us to fight diseases, and however at times it may fail. When a germ invades us successfully, it makes us sick! How then can we strengthen our immunity? Eat more fruits? Take more vitamins? Lead a healthy lifestyle? Practice good hygiene? I’m sure these are common knowledge. So what’s the amazing hack we are talking about here?

Did you know it is possible for us to trick our immune system to perform better? This may seem unbelievable, but start collecting images of diseases and people who look sick; for these are the useful materials that can help boost your immune system!

Believe it or not, a recent research done at the University of British Columbia found that it is actually good for your health to see someone coughing, sneezing or even blowing his or her runny nose!

In the study, individuals are presented with a series of images of sick people for a span of 10 minutes. They looked at pictures of people with rashes, coughing, sneezing and blowing mucus out of their noses. The researchers compared the blood samples of each and every participant before and after the presentation of images, and it was found that there is a distinctly increase in interleukin-6 (IL-6), a kind of protein that a body would produce to fight off infection. Hence it was concluded that seeing pictures of disease-y people actually stimulate the immune system to fight infection more aggressively.

Perhaps it will be good for us to start looking at images of sick individuals daily before we head to sleep or when we wake up in the morning! Of course, if you see someone coming towards you and about to sneeze right into your face, run!