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Inspiring Evenings – Let’s Talk Creating Your Dream Relationship

Inspiring Evenings – Let’s Talk Creating Your Dream Relationship

Have you ever felt frustrated with someone because they don’t seem to heed the advice they asked from you? Or, have you experienced disappointment with someone who kept looping in self-sabotaging cycles?

Relationships can be tricky. However, we have the power to not only improve our relationships, but to mold them to their ideal state. Much of our relationship styles are inherited from our upbringing. Often, we end up acting out cycles of behaviour that have been carried on from one family generation to the next. By first recognising the way we handle our interpersonal affairs, we can actively change the nature of our relationships.

Join couples therapist Winifred Ling as she shares her story of breaking out of her family cycle of parenting styles, to build a healthier and closer relationship with her daughter. Having guided numerous couples and parents into flourishing together, she now leads us in a discussion on common interpersonal problems, and how we can empower ourselves to create our dream relationship!


About Our Speaker:

Winifred Ling is currently the Director at W3ave Ptd Ltd and a Couples Therapist at Promises Winslow Clinic. She obtained her second upper honours degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore and has more than 16 years of experience in working with individuals. She develops and conducts workshops in the area of mental health, relationship, parenting, mindfulness and compassion, and applications of Positive Psychology. Winifred’s passion is working with couples, especially those with young children. She hopes that when support and skills are provided to parents in their marriage, children are enabled to develop healthily due to their stability.


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Date: 19 Feb 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.30 – 9pm
Fee: S$12

* Refreshments will be provided during the event.


Inspiring Evenings is a monthly event held at The School of Positive Psychology, where authentic conversations are shared to empower and uplift one another. If you know of any outstanding individuals with an inspiring story, please recommend the speaker to us at


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