(Online) Inspire Forum: Enhancing Resilience and Wellbeing for homes and workplaces during COVID19

(Online) Inspire Forum: Enhancing Resilience and Wellbeing for homes and workplaces during COVID19

These are challenging times which needs a new focus on how we hone our psychological resources. Our familiar ways of living and working are now pushed back with drastic changes; our emotions and thoughts are constantly bombarded by a slew of uncertainty and unpredictability. The need to focus on building personal and workplace resilience is paramount. Resilience impacts hope and make strategic optimism; all of these are critical psychological resources to weather through the COVID-19 turbulence.


In this forum, learners will gain the following:

1. Apply the science of positive psychology for building personal resilience.

2. Learn how to harness resilience skills to improve wellbeing

3. Learn to build a resilience practice for homes and workplaces



About the Speaker: Stephen Lew 


Stephen Lew is the Founder and Executive Director of The School of Positive Psychology. Singapore-based higher education institute that offers psychological centric training programs for professional and corporate development. Since 2007, TSPP has trained more than 20,000 students and 500 organizations, and expanded its corporate training to Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan. Stephen holds a MSc Applied Positive Psychology with a focus in Organisational Psychology and Leadership. He is also a certified psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, supervisor and nominated fellow with the National Council of Psychotherapists in the U.K. As a psychotherapist and a positive psychology coach, Stephen has worked with more than 800 clients in the areas of well-being development.


Date: 23 May 2020, Saturday
Time: 3PM – 4PM
Fee: S$25w/GST


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