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What is Art Therapy, and how can it be used to help develop a person’s abilities and interests?


About this Event:

In this talk, we will learn how art is incorporated into therapy, and how Art Therapy is a therapeutic approach that can help individuals – especially children – to heal, develop, and express themselves. Participants will try their hand in an art therapy exercise, and briefly learn methods for art analysis in guiding the healing process. Finally, hear some case studies of children who have learnt to express themselves through art!


About Our Speaker:

Amanda is a certified and experienced Art Therapist (MA-AT 2015 Masters in Art Therapy) and Arts Educator (Registered with MOE-AMIS). She is active and current in the social work scene for the past decade and has worked with many charities and social enterprises. She was the Former Deputy Director of Social Creatives and currently sits on the board as Honorary Secretary of the Rare Disorders Society of Singapore.

Prior, Amanda has been in the advertising industry for several years before starting her own branding and design agency that was running for more than 12 years. The healing arts and the work of a therapist resonated so deeply with her, she decided to pursue her Masters in Art Therapy to become an Art Therapist.

Amanda is an Art Therapist with Art for Good, The Red Pencil, The Therapy Platform and Thrive Psychology Clinic. She is also a lecturer at the School of Positive Psychology for a module in Art Therapy. She manages and oversees all the projects and programs under Art for Good, which uses art to create good!


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Date: 06 March 2020 (Friday)
Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm
Fee: S$19.26 w/GST

* Refreshments will be provided during the event.


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