It’s not that we do not care; but rather we do not know how to show that we do.

It’s not that we do not care; but rather we do not know how to show that we do.

It’s not that we do not care; but rather we do not know how to show that we do.

Most of the time, we do not tell people how we feel; it’s not that we don’t care, but rather it’s because we do not know how to show that we care. Often we find it embarrassing and awkward hence we just wait and wait and say nothing just to avoid the discomfort. We tell ourselves one day, just one day when I’m ready, I’ll express my emotions, I’ll let him/her know how I feel, how much I care and appreciate. However, often or not, we wait till it is too late.

Are these lines familiar to you?

One of these days I’m going to tell my dad I love him! … But it’s weird for me to say it; it’s uncommon for people to say things like that… I’ll have to wait for the appropriate time, perhaps if he got into a car accident or fell really sick or something, then I would tell him. But if there isn’t any major problem or disasters, I guess I would never ever tell him that, and if I really do say it one day, it will probably be TOO LATE.

People frequently say, “actions speaks louder than words”, however, action can never be a substitute for words. You may be working all day long, trying your best to perform at work so to earn more to provide for your family, yes your intention is good, you are doing all these for you love your family. You might be thinking: “My family sure do know I love them! Just look at how hard I’m working to provide for them, I do not need to tell them.” Nevertheless, you can be wrong, really wrong! You do need to tell your family! They probably do not know!

Our parents have taken care of us since young, doing all that they could to provide us with the best. Yes we appreciate them, and they should know! Does this sound familiar to you too? Well, perhaps they should know that we are appreciative of what they have done, but they probably don’t know. Our parents are not mind readers, are they?

When we see a cute puppy or a kitten coming to us, we would stoke them or give them a pat, why don’t we do that to our loved ones as well? Praise them, hug them, give them a pat on their back, and tell them you love them! Regardless of our age, gender or culture, we will never get enough of these!

Let us try and change our mentality that others do know how much we care, as we can be very wrong! We are always so busy demonstrating that we love them but we forgot to tell them. Every one of us wants to be told – often!

Do not feel embarrass to let your loved ones know that you care! If you are those who aren’t good at expressing yourself verbally, if you do not know how to say or how to put it, and you find it hard to say, “I love you”, why not try to write it down on paper. Write it in a letter and give it to your loved one, let them know how lucky you feel to have them in your life!

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