Life requires courage. Do we have what it takes to defeat and overcome our fears? Tap into your inner hero today.

Life requires courage. Do we have what it takes to defeat and overcome our fears? Tap into your inner hero today.

Ever heard the saying, be as courageous as a lion? Why exactly are lions a symbol of COURAGE, strength and leadership? As the head of the kingdom, lions are brave and non-fearing. Despite being considered as a solar animal, they are actually nocturnal, which means that they are regarded as a symbol of authority as they are in command over their subconscious thought (the night symbolizes a dream state). When observing lions in their natural state, there is a projection of authentic dignity and effortless strength from them. Lions are born powerful, and it comes to them naturally from birthright. There is no need for them to display a false sense of bravado.

So what can we, as humans relate to this? There are several things we can take away from the symbolic traits of a lion. As mentioned earlier, there is no need for lions to ‘pretend to be brave’. Being courageous comes as a natural trait to them. When we compare ourselves to an animal of such royalty, not everyone is built to be bold and daring. BUT we can always try to step out of our comfort zone. You may think, “Why should I do that when the situation doesn’t call for it. I’m already happy and contented in my own skin.” When we think that way, we are restricting ourselves. Although the need for courage may seem unnecessary at times, it can actually be very fulfilling to try things that we have never done before, or even do things that put us in an uncomfortable situation. Ever recall a time where you had to learn something the hard way? Without the courage to make bold decisions, there would be no mistakes. With no mistakes, there is no growth and learning. We all learn to grow from unpleasant situations; it is part and parcel of life. Do not be afraid to have courage in your life for the fear of failing and making mistakes.

Lions are highly territorial. They can occupy the same space for generations and fiercely defend their pride’s territory with their lives. Similarly, we should also be bold and protect causes that are dear to our heart. We should also have the courage to stand up to what you think is important and spread its cause. If need be, DEFEND your rights and protect the people you love and believe in with all your might. Fear not about the judgment of others, for the gift of courage should come deep from within us and not from others. Remember to always hold your head up high with dignity and pride, for this is the only way we can tackle a fearful and sticky situation head front, instead of running away from it. Be bold and daring today.


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