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Discover how you can flourish in life! Boost your psychological capital with Positive Psychology.

About this Event:

Life is often full of ups and downs. When faced with setbacks, being well equipped with a toolkit on how to handle life’s curveballs will provide us an edge in mental wellbeing.

In this talk, we will be discussing how your resilience can be developed. How do you bounce back from adversity and reach out to achieve your goals? Learn how you can leverage your strengths to increase levels of engagement and energy. In addition, we will also be sharing the ways we can cultivate positive emotions and boost our social, physical, and intellectual resources.


About Our Speaker:

Facilitating wellbeing through better awareness, relationships, engagement and meaning is Jana’s passion. As a positive psychology practitioner, Jana Dawson is an advocate of a strengths-based approach in guiding individuals, organisations and communities towards flourishing. Her multidisciplinary background in theatre, communication, positive psychology, coaching and meditation has fashioned her expertise in developing and delivering programmes for culturally unique situations to create positive change. Jana earned her Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology at the Anglia Ruskin University (UK) with a focus on Psychological Capital and Mindfulness. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology and Leadership by The School of Positive Psychology in Singapore, where she is currently a faculty member. Jana’s philosophy is that our internal world is a powerful force in how we show up in the external world. To be fully engaged in all aspects of our lives, we have to train our mind, build positive relationships and follow our passion.


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Date: 26 Feb 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm
Fee: S$19.26 w/GST

* Refreshments will be provided during the event.


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