My new home in Singapore

My new home in Singapore

When I talk about life changing decisions I can certainly stop at a few stations in my life, but joining TSPP is one of the highlights if not THE HIGHLIGHT. I arrived in Singapore looking for the reason of my presence in this part of the world at this stage of my life? A question I have learnt to ask myself as an expat who’s been moving around the world for over 25 years. My question got answered with a big highlight on it when I went through my courses in The School Of Positive Psychology.

The people I met, staff, professors and colleagues all enriched my life. I can safely say I made myself a new family with a lot of benefits:) learnt a lot and will keep on learning as the journey is endless and gets more exciting and fulfilling everyday.

After four years in Singapore, spending three of those at TSPP I can confidently say it’s the best decision I have made for myself. One day I was a journalist and a full time mother and wife, now I’m a psychotherapist and a clinical hypnotherapist, if that is not a life changing decision at the age of 44 I don’t now what is!

Loving my new career and will be forever thankful and grateful to all those who enriched my life and changed me to the continuously changing flourishing version of me.

So if you are like me four years ago and are looking for the reason of you being in Singapore? I would encourage you to give TSPP a go even if you’re not looking for a new career in therapy or counseling or coaching, I promise you you will have no regrets. Whether you choose to take a few courses or full diplomas or more you will look back and remember that the day you stepped foot in that place is the day when you took control of your life and conquered your fears!

See you at TSPP my new home in Singapore 🙂

– Sally Mounir