Pursue Dreams

Pursue Dreams

Ever since I’ve decided to pursue my dreams, life starts to unfold amazingly, just like a miracle. Yes, it hasn’t been an easy journey, however the challenges I’ve faced in this journey have reinforced the motivation and determination I have towards achieving my goals – it isn’t about earning buckets of millions or billions, instead it’s reaching out to the inner voice, my inner soul.

I’ve always thought that my family and friends (generally people around me) were the main factor for me wanting to learn about psychotherapy. However, it is through time that I’ve realized through the work of Sigmund Freud (like a slap in my face, yes literally) that my desire to study psychotherapy might just be a defense mechanism.

“Oh, I am studying this all because of XXXX, it’s all because I want to help XXXXX”. The list of excuses I gave myself just get longer & longer. As time passes by, I became more aware that it could be more than what my mind tells me. In fact, I soon realized that the key factor was my desire to reconnect with my long-lost soul.

When was the last time I felt so connected to myself? When was the last time my ideal self & true self is in congruence? When was the last time I felt at ease that I no longer seek my soul from the outer world?  I am always dumbfounded whenever I ask myself these questions. I wasn’t able to give myself a definite answer for I knew all these were lost many years ago, probably back in my teenage years.

Initially, I dreaded horribly whenever I’ve to submit an essay as part of an assessment. However, as time passes, I became motivated towards writing them as I understood and became appreciative of the school’s rationale for having us to write. It wasn’t simply about having us to learn to write about the empirical researches, but instead it was more of the take-away from each learning process. Though it’s crucial for us to pass each module as an academic requirement, I felt that the application of the knowledge learnt is more significant. How will the knowledge gained affect our relationships with others, and will our interaction be congruent to the ethic codes?

Be it what not, I very much look forward to what is ahead in life 🙂 it’s indeed a very amazing journey so far.

The School of Positive Psychology offers psychology courses at different levels, something for everyone.

  • Certificate in Psychology
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology
  • Diploma in Psychology and Positive Psychology
  • Diploma in Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Graduate Diploma to Applied Positive Psychology

by: Deok Tzi-Yun