Resilience Workshop

Resilience Workshop

Resilience is the ability to adapt well to adversity and bounce back from difficult experiences. It is increasingly more important in the current uncertain world, on top of the challenges of everyday life.

Why is Resilience Important?

People need resilience to overcome difficult circumstances like painful past experiences, childhood trauma, and poverty. Resilience also enables people to manage the ongoing demands of life; to juggle work, to steer through annoyances and to serve the community.

It is key for people in bouncing back after a major life event such as suffering a job loss, death, major illness, and natural disaster.

When people are resilient, they are:

  • More aware of situations, their own thinking, emotional reactions, their behaviour and of those around them
  • Better able to cope with adversity
  • More likely to bounce back after challenging life situations
  • Able to use adversity or trauma as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • More optimistic and have better wellbeing
  • Better overall health

About the Workshop

Learn how resilience, hope and optimism interact and affect one another. In this 2-day interactive Resilience Workshop, participants will learn to build their ‘resilience muscles’ through identifying their strengths, social support networks, sources of positive emotions and previous experiences of resilience.

On completion of the workshop, students will:

  • Learn about different resilience models and techniques – deliberate actions that people undertake to support themselves before, during and after challenging situations.
  • Understand more about the various variables that impact resilience, like a sense of control, perceived size of the challenge, competence/efficacy, and knowing when to seek help.

Join the session to improve your coping strategies during crises and improve your ability to make good decisions even under stressful environments!


Date: 28-29 Aug 2021
Time: 9am – 5pm
Fee: $1,348.20 w/GST

Venue: The School of Positive Psychology
Stamford Court
61 Stamford Road, #01-09
Singapore 178892


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