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Talk – Inside Out: create an empowering internal narrative.

Talk – Inside Out: create an empowering internal narrative.

PP Series: Better Relationships for a Better You

The flip-side of increasingly connected world via the internet: there’s an increasing disconnect in our human relationships.

Numerous studies have shown how the lack of positive relationships create problems from the workplace to the family, and to our personal well-being. 

In this 3-part series of talks, you will learn how to:

  1. Recognise disruptive patterns of behaviour that are hindering your relationships;
  2. Utilise simple yet effective interventions to effect a change;
  3. Create opportunities for a more engaged workplace; and
  4. Provide a supportive environment for both you and your family.


  1. Inside Out: create an empowering internal narrative – 13 February 2019
  2. Rules of Positive Engagement: small steps toward big changes at work and at home.
  3. Become a Change-maker: take charge of you personal development to impact others.



TIME: 730PM – 930PM 

We all have an inner voice that narrates our world; how often has that voice in our head uttered observations such as “I’m such an idiot, I can never get things right” or “I messed up again, and nothing’s going to change”?


Do we tell ourselves, “I might fail if I do that?” or do we say, “Heck, that could be a great adventure.” Often, our own self-talk is more judgmental than the appraisals of others. How often have we heard someone admit (or even admitted to ourselves), “I am my own toughest critic?”


We all have this inner monologue, and sometimes it is great and sometimes it is lousy. How best can we train our inner voices to be more loving, more supportive, more friendly, more forgiving, and more productive?


In this talk, you will learn how to:

  1. Recognise and label your inner voice;
  2. Determine its usefulness for both your personal and professional development; and
  3. Modify or replace it with one that is more empowering towards the best version of you.

Join us at this talk, and learn how you can take charge of your life story.


Fee: S$18

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The talk will be followed by a 30mins course preview on our Positive Psychology programmes by our consultant.

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