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Talk – Motivation: Learn, Practice, Master

Talk – Motivation: Learn, Practice, Master

TIME: 730PM – 9PM 

Motivation can be an elusive concept to grasp and has been a key focal point in the field of educational, cognitive, behavioural, social, clinical and positive psychology. Some need the motivation themselves while some need to find ways to motivate others. Some need to get started while others need to keep the engine running.

The best way to master the art of motivation is to first understand it and then practice it to ultimately master it.

In this talk, you will learn how to:
1. Understanding of the concept of motion (what is motivation?)
2. A tool to be used to help foster motivation (how do you motivate?)
3. A tool to maintain motivation (how can you maintain it?)  

Join us in the exploring of mastering motivation in three different areas of life, beginning with motivation in the field of education.


Fee: S$19.26 w/GST
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