Talk: Positive Psychology for Peak Performance

Talk: Positive Psychology for Peak Performance


29 March 2018, Thursday
730 PM – 930PM

Location: The School of Positive Psychology

Strengths are individual traits, which allow us to perform at our personal best. It is important that we have to put our strengths into practice! When we use our strengths, we tend to feel energised; on top of that science is now showing that using our strengths can make us happier too!

Deploying your strengths can lead to:

  • More positive emotions;
  • Increased engagement;
  • Better relationships;
  • More meaning; and
  • More accomplishments.

Introducing the strengths-based framework into the work setting can assist individuals achieve optimal functioning and enhance performances.

Join us for a 90mins talk on 29 March at 730PM, where the speaker, Stephen will share how you can use the strengths framework to realise your highest levels of personal and professional success.

Fee: S$18

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The talk will be followed by a 30mins course preview on our Positive Psychology programmes by our consultant.

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