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Talk: Self-Affirmation in the Treatment of Childhood Emotional Neglect (CNE)

Talk: Self-Affirmation in the Treatment of Childhood Emotional Neglect (CNE)


16 August 2018, Thursday
730PM – 930PM

Location: The School of Positive Psychology

“When a child’s emotions are not acknowledged or validated by her parents, she can grow up to be unable to do so for herself. As an adult, she may have little tolerance for intense feelings or for any feelings at all. She might bury them, and tend to blame herself for being angry, sad, nervous, frustrated, or even happy. The natural human experience of simply having feelings becomes a source of secret shame. “What is wrong with me?” is a question she may often ask herself.”
― Jonice WebbRunning on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect

It is already well understood that our early childhood experiences shape much of who we are today. This is especially true for negative experiences such as abuse and neglect.

Unlike being abused or physically neglected, childhood emotional neglect (CNE) is usually inaudible and imperceptible. Due to the frequent lack of observable signs, it is frequently unheeded. Most importantly, emotional neglect is generally unrecognised by the child till symptoms start to appear in adulthood (Dhyan, 2016).

Join us for the talk on 16 August and you will learn how early childhood neglect can predict later psychopathology and how positive psychology can be incorporated into the treatment plan for a multimodal approach in psychotherapy.

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The talk will be followed by a 30mins course preview on our psychotherapy programmes by our consultant.

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