Jennifer Micthell

Jennifer Micthell

This is a gratitude letter to thank you Patricia and all the staff for giving me this opportunity to pursue my dreams in a subject I have long been interested in.

At my age and lack of A levels was always a problem in me finding a good academic course that I am interested in.

You gave me a chance, and I am eternally grateful. Every module I’ve done has been an eye opener and a joy. I was searching for answers to answer questions in my own life. This course is doing that. I am especially grateful to Mr. Lam and Mr. Ho. their teachings helped me make sense of what goes on in my head. Thank you again for giving me hope of a happier and more fulfilled life. And thank you to Bernie for all her beautiful smiles, patience and helpfulness.

You are all giving me a year to remember for the rest of my life – a very happy year.

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