The best thing about memories is making them

The best thing about memories is making them

In every phase of our lives, we create memories. To quote Ama Ata Aido, it is humans, not places that make memories. We are the ones that create our own environment; the kind where relationships can flourish and bonds can be form. But memories can also be a tricky thing. They can make you feel warm and fuzzy, but it can also be burdening or painful. The fact is, memories can contain both joy and unhappiness. Take away one of them, you lose both. The good news is, we can choose to focus on the bright side of our memories, and create a positive outlook from it. This does not mean we have to shut down our negative emotions, as memories are beautiful acts of self-preservations. It contains both pleasant and unpleasant events, but it is part of us and we hold onto memories because they mean something to us.

While we should always focus on the present, we should be aware that we always have the potential to use our memories to guide us. We can create beautiful memories in the present and view them with admiration and laughter in our later years. Pleasant memories are built when we have the best time of our lives, with laughter and happiness. We also create pleasant memories when we make insightful discoveries, be it a form of self-discovery, or discoveries that you made during a relationship. For some people, memories are like a forbidden chasm. They can bear painful, traumatic experiences, not necessarily something one can easily forget. But perhaps, we don’t need to lose that memory of hurt and anguish. We can confront that memory and not let it control us. Accept, acknowledge its presence and then try your hardest to let it go.

Although unpleasant memories may sometime have a negative effect on us, they may serve a purpose in our lives. Through those memories, we can learn to grow as an individual, to make wiser decisions in the future, or to remind ourselves of what we have learned while looking back at those memories. We don’t have to avoid negative memories, embrace them just like how we embrace our positive experiences. Memories are part of us, it brings us happiness, tears and nostalgia, and it is essential in our journey on earth. Let it guide you to where you want to be. Make great memories with the people you love today.


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