To Win in Life, You have to be the Best Version of Yourself

To Win in Life, You have to be the Best Version of Yourself

Is there a sure-win formula in life? Personally, I don’t think so. To me, Life isn’t a game. There is no winner, loser, rules or limits because there should be no judge to dictate what we do. Most of the time, we are the ones who judge ourselves, putting limitations to what we can or cannot do. To win in life is to be become a winner. To be a winner, one has to be the BEST version of yourself. American journalist, Germany Kent, gave us 6 tips to win and excel in life; I will share 3 of them today.

Work Hard

Work Hard. These two words seem to go without saying, and are constantly reiterated by the people amongst us. But how often do we actually try our very best? Some of us are stuck in a privilege mind-set, whereby we don’t feel the need to try our hardest in what we do. Sometimes, it is also the lack of perseverance in us. We aim high and are struck by obstacles, so we give up and quit. There is nothing wrong in exiting a toxic environment and wanting a new direction. But giving up easily when things go wayward is not conducive for us. The essence of working hard is to try our best and perform up to our optimal levels. Nothing in life comes easy and if we quit easily, we will never learn the potential of our strength and what we could possibly do. Toeing the line of our limits by a little never hurts.

Complain Less

I’m sure many of us are guilty of this, as I am. Complaining about a horrible incident in our lives seems like a great outlet for us to vent our frustrations. While it can be therapeutic to let off steam and share our troubles with our loved ones, excessive complaining is a negative habit and not only is it bad for us, it can also impact our relationships with others for the worst. Research has shown that the act of complaining rewires our brain for negativity, making it easier for you to exude negativity in your default behaviour. Yikes.

Listen more

Listening is an essential part of social interaction and it is key in building authentic and close relationships. Recall some of your conversations today, and think about the times you actually paid close attention to what the speaker has to say. Real listening is when you focus on what the other person is saying and let it digest and absorb. Authentic listeners are easy to identify, as they don’t interrupt you or try to come up with witty points to display their knowledge. When you listen carefully to what the other person is saying, you are gaining knowledge and information from them, as well as building a valuable bond as the speaker will feel appreciated and validated.

There are many ways to improve and become a better individual. Nobody wins all the time. To win in life is to accept failure and the fact that nobody goes undefeated. You can be a winner if you make an effort to maintain a happy, fulfilling lifestyle. Anyone can be a winner!