Why Survival Mode is NOT Enough: Radio Interview with Stephen Lew

Why Survival Mode is NOT Enough: Radio Interview with Stephen Lew

How do we navigate around the inner challenges that we may experience once in a while? In this interview with Stephen Lew, Founder and Executive Director of The School of Positive Psychology, we learn about the origins of psychology and its applications on our day-to-day lives.

Being in survival mode and constantly fretting about our survival has an evolutionary basis, as our ancestors had to hunt and look out for danger in the wild. In modern times though, we have the latest technology and precautions to keep us safe. Yet a number of us remain stuck in survival mode, unable to flourish.

Using Positive Psychology, we can build better self-esteem, decrease pathological thinking, and focus on the development of our strengths and potential.

Learn how you can thrive today!

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