Your Mindset Matters

Your Mindset Matters

Life is like the massive universe. There is dark space that occupies majority of the universe. Yet, in the midst of the darkness, there are stars that shine ever brightly to lighten it up. The dark space represents the negativity in life, while the bright stars are representative of the positivity in our lives, though at times, positivity may require a little more effort to be identified. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it is up to us whether to shine brightly or to be overwhelmed in the darkness

Well, this article is not about astronomy or negativity but instead I will be sharing with you about Positive Psychology and how Positive Psychology can be applied to enhance our lives.

Positive Psychology is not like any other branch of psychology that focuses on dealing with mental illness but it is the science of happiness. Its aim is to optimize human functioning so that we can live life to the fullest!

It is widely known that humans have the tendency to complain when undesirable event occurs – but why? Well, one of the reasons is because we only look at our own problems and often fail to see the whole picture. We are so focused on our own issues that we became oblivious to what others are going through. If we were to learn to look at the bigger picture, we would most probably pat ourselves and say “Life isn’t so bad after all!”

Is it possible to change your mindset from being negative to becoming more positive? In fact, do you know that you will reframe your thoughts into something more positive and optimistic? Should you try to do that, you will be surprise that you will feel that life is more significant than ever before and you might even start living your life to the fullest.

In occasions when we are faced with obstacles, problems and difficulties, what would usually happen? Often not, we will end up thinking too much and feeling stressed out. When this happens, it might result in sleepless nights, unnecessary disputes and conflicts. Moreover, our relationships with our loved ones might also turn sour. If we continue to dwell and overthink, it will inevitably affect our daily lives. Thus, this is where the wonderful Cognitive Reframing Technique comes into the picture!

What is Cognitive Reframing Technique? It is basically visualizing that all of us are in control of the following things we need to do. Let’s try it now!

(Disclaimer: Please do not attempt this if you are under medication, drugs, alcohol or you are feeling seemingly upset or stressed. Please seek help from a psychotherapist or physician) 

You will need to do the following:

My Safe Place


·       a room,

·       a Television

·       a comfortable cushion or chair that is facing the Television

·       a TV remote controller (with buttons of course and design it however you like)

·       any other things you like to put in the room (be creative)

Lastly, color the room. It is advisable to use vibrant and bright colours. Come on! who wants to be in a room that is gloomy and dull?

Elements or Component that is Vital: V-Visualization C- Creativity I –Imagination 

After you have drawn and coloured your room, it is time to let your IMAGINATION runs wild. Remember, with imagination anything is possible!!!!

Let’s begin!

1.     Choose a spot that is comfortable in the room, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and slowly breathe in and out at your own pace.

2.     Start to count 1 to 10 and then backwards from 10 to 1

I can’t emphasize this enough. Let your imagination runs wild! This is when creativity is needed.

3.     Let’s imagine that you are outside a door (the door can however you want it to look like)

4.     Now, open the door. Imagine or visualize the room that you have created as in your drawing. Make sure that the ambience is something that makes you feel good and most importantly comfortable.

5.     Slowly make your way to the cushion or chair and take a sit and relax!  

6.     Reach out for the remote controller on the cushion and switch on the television.

7.     Now, let us visualize the current problem that we are facing but don’t get stressed out about it.

8.     Capture the moment that really makes you feel stressed and depressed. And now, let’s pick up the remote controller and change the channel. This time, let’s visualize a moment of happiness; how do you feel?

9.     Recall this moment of happiness and use it to help you to forget about those unhappy and depressed moments.

It’s just so simple and easy!

So, when you faced with a difficult issue, always recall your moment of happiness. Those pleasant moments will help you to do cognitive reframing from negative to positive 🙂

Tree of Life Visualization

It is normal for us to have destructive thoughts but what we do with it is what matters. For me, I love to visualize a bright light shining beautifully on a tree, which is also known as tree of life.

The School of Positive Psychology offers psychology courses at different levels, something for everyone. 

  • Certificate in Psychology 
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology 
  • Diploma in Psychology and Positive Psychology 
  • Diploma in Psychology and Psychotherapy 
  • Graduate Diploma to Applied Positive Psychology  

by: William Anthony Lew