A huge decision – a decision that I am so glad I

A huge decision – a decision that I am so glad I

The School of Positive Psychology will always have a special place in my heart, where for the first time I learned that I could do things which I never thought possible. I learned to connect with other people on a deeper level with an understanding to be able to see the world in different perspectives and it has positively shaped and affected me more than any other educational experience to date.

Making the commitment to attend a Psychotherapy + Clinical Hypnotherapy programs at TSPP is a huge decision and a decision that I am so glad I made!

In my experience, I have learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime. Through varied learning experiences, I feel that I have grown tremendously (and will continue to do so) and will be fully prepared to contribute to the field of psychotherapy as a professional. The training involves a series of fascinating conversations about the nature of mind and human behavior, all informed by innovative clinical practice with its unique emphasis on both psychotherapy skills and clinical research which has provided me with a distinct advantage. My training has prepared me more fully than I could have ever imagined for my work as a Psychotherapist + Clinical Hypnotherapist.

At TSPP, I have developed extremely supportive and caring relationships with faculty members. My special thanks to all my mentors Mr. Stephen Lew, Mr. Laurence Ho, Mr. Lam Chee Kum…for their consistent commitment to students, overall development, modelling compassionate concern for clients, inspiring with meaningful research .Ultimately, these are invaluable things that not only lend themselves to professional development, but also lend themselves to quality of life. When a program supports your clinical growth as much as it supports your emotional and personal growth, you know you’re in the right place!

Every day I am thankful for the time I spent there to be able to see beauty in the world I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. That’s from the bottom of my heart.” there really are no words that can describe my love for the experience at TSPP.

Nirupama Soni… (student of Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy)

The School of Positive Psychology offers psychology courses at different levels, something for everyone.
Certificate in Psychology
Certificate in Counselling
Diploma in Applied Psychology
Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology
Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling
Diploma in Psychology and Positive Psychology
Diploma in Psychology and Psychotherapy
Graduate Diploma to Applied Positive Psychology
Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling
Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling