The School of Positive Psychology

Psychotherapy Services

At TSPP, we have a team of dedicated psychotherapists and student practitioners under supervision to support mental health and well-being development. 

Our team provides counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and groups in various clinic locations in Singapore, please contact us for details.

Issues you can work on:

A range of techniques are used to facilitate therapies that can help individuals increase their awareness, cope and deal with problems in life better and to maximize their full potential by improving emotional and mental wellness.

CBT is a psychotherapy based on modifying thoughts and behaviours with the aim of influencing emotions positively. Instead of focussing on causes of one’s distress or symptoms in the past, it focuses on present problems and difficulties and looks for ways to improve one’s current state of mind. This evidence-based and cost-effective therapy has proven beneficial in addressing mental health challenges related to Anxiety, Depression, Eating Problems, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia, Sleep Disorders, Phobias, PTSD, Panic, and Stress.

SFBT is a highly effective form of therapy that does not focus on past incidents that cannot be changed, but rather on the future that is still full of promises and hope. Clients will be directed to envision their preferred future and take the steps to move towards it. By identify that they wish to change in their life while attending to current issues, therapists help clients construct a concrete vision of an ideal future setting. An increased awareness and the successful changes will help the client mould their preferred future they have identified.
Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to bring about beneficial changes. Utilizing states of deep relaxation, the therapist assists in uncovering and exploring memories, emotions and past events which may affect a person’s conscious mind and activating the client’s inner resources in order to achieve the desired goals. It is used to treat numerous medical and psychological problems. Clinical hypnotherapy is often applied in order to modify a subject’s behavior, emotional content, and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development. It is useful to stop smoking, overcome alcohol and substance abuse, treating stress, sleep disorders and mental health problems such as anxiety, fear, phobias and depression.

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