The School of Positive Psychology

Non-tuition Fees

These are fees that students might need to pay during the course of study. Some of these fees are optional where students pay only when applicable. All fees listed are in Singapore dollars (S$) and inclusive of 8% GST.

Non-Tuition Fees

Course Transfer Fee 108
Deferment Fee 108 per module
Exemption Fee 108 per module (capped at 216 per course)
Late Payment Fee (for payments not received by the stipulated due date) 54
Loss of Library Book Price of the book + S$21.60 Service Charge
Overdue Library Book 0.55 per day
Registration Fees 162
Refund Processing Fees 108
Re-module Fee 50% of module fee
Replacement of Lost Student Card 21.60
Supplementary Examination 54
Textbook As determined by the textbook vendor
Withdrawal Fee 108