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About Us

Learn the Art and Science of Happiness

Positive psychology is an emerging branch of applied psychology that combines the essentials of conventional schools of thought with modern methods.
It exclusively deals with positive emotions, positive individual traits and positive institutions. Being highly relevant and applicable to your daily life, positive psychology can help you help yourself and others around you.
It is scientifically proven that happier people with positive emotions and traits are more productive as they think faster, more creative, healthier, more successful, caring and more socially engaged.

Why Study at TSPP?

The School of Positive Psychology is the pioneer education and training facility in Singapore and Asia, established to promote the art, the science and practice of positive psychology. Apart from providing education and credentialing, we promote research, training, and the dissemination of positive psychology. We are here to share the gift of joy and fulfilment using the methods offered in positive psychology.
Our Vision
Help our world to thrive through wellbeing-based education and thought leadership.
Our Mission
Empower people to become changemakers with evidence-based, high-quality positive psychology and psychotherapy education, research, and professional development that ripples compassion and courage to build thriving communities, organisations, and societies.
Positive Organisational Approach (Values)
We utilise character strengths to develop psychological capital (H.E.R.O) to harvest positive human potential that create spaces for personal, group and organisational wellbeing.
H.E.R.O At The Workplace (Culture)
Our Motto is “Be a H.E.R.O” to promote the practice of wellbeing and collaborative culture. H.E.R.O is the acronym for Hope, Efficacy, Resiliency and Optimism. H.E.R.O explores the 4 capacities of psychological states that affect organisational wellbeing, motivation and performance.

Our School & Facilities

About Us Our School & Facilities
The School of Positive Psychology is uniquely designed as a professional and adult learning space, classrooms for lectures, seminars and focus group discussions. Seating arrangements are subjected to circular seating (group work, peer discussion or psychotherapy session) or seminar style seating (lectures, workshops, presentations).
Ubuntu Cafe (Student Admin & Student Discussion area): 59.2 sqm 39 students
Flourish Classroom: 50.2 sqm 33 students (lecture or presentation seating)
Flow Classroom: 33.6 sqm 22 students (Seminar style seating)
Lectures and seminars are fully supported by audio and video multimedia systems such as computers, projectors and speakers. Laptop charging stations, photocopiers, scanners, and telephones are available for usage. Snacks, hot and cold beverages are readily available for lectures and seminar breaks.

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Our Professional & Non-Profit Partners

University of East London
Anglia Ruskin University
Positive Acorn
Thrive Psychology Clinic

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