“Be kind to unkind people. They need it most”. Ashleigh Brillian

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it most”. Ashleigh Brillian

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it most”. Ashleigh Brillian

This quote is often reiterated by many people, but extremely difficult to follow through. Hate often spreads like wild fire, and leaves a bitter mark on innocent hearts. But I believe that kindness brightens our world. It can change perspectives, turn a dire situation around and bring hope to mankind.

Often, when we turn on the television or flip today’s newspaper, we come across unsettling headlines, followed by disheartening news. While there are several things that are well beyond our control and reach, be assured that we can still bring light into the darkest of corners.

Kindness starts within us. When we exude happiness and kindness, we are reinforcing LOVE. I am inspired by love. Love encompasses empathy, compassion and kindness. We are all brilliant, unique individuals who are capable of giving love and kindness to each other. When I look for something encouraging, I always go back to the times I have been showered with kindness when I needed it most. These are the things that keep me going.

Kindness renews my spirit. It is often difficult to show kindness to those who has spewed hate towards our direction. It may be even tempting to be trapped in the vicious cycle of hate. But what makes love rise beneath it all? That is kindness. As Ashleigh Brilliant had so eloquently put it so, unkind people need love and kindness the most.

Passion and vulnerability has once resided in the hearts that had been hardened and stoned. Let’s not pass on this trend of hate and abuse. Shine above the ones that are living in the darkness. Let us walk in the sunlight and be proud of it. Show kindness to your family, the ones that love you, your dearest friends and even those that have done you wrong before. Let’s try our best to vision love and happiness as the future of our planet.


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