Corporate Changemakers: Ways to Establish and Enforce Healthier Boundaries at Work

Corporate Changemakers: Ways to Establish and Enforce Healthier Boundaries at Work

People are the greatest resource of any organisation. When people at work are thriving, new solutions and creativity can be generated to solve the challenges that an organisation faces.

During this unprecedented period of changes and upheavals, companies are dealing with plenty of restructuring. Many organisations are also often looking for new ways to engage with employees.

Wellbeing at workplaces is particularly important during volatile periods, because wellbeing is one of the greatest assets to tap on for people engagement and leadership. Tapping into employee’s wellbeing at work keeps the business sustainable, and allows for business continuity too.

Our very first complementary instalment on Ways to Establish and Enforce Healthier Boundaries at Work will discuss strategies to better distinguish the lines between work and personal life. But suggestions on how to create a healthier workplace is not enough, implementing it consistently in the workplace is crucial to ensure the wellbeing of employees.


Organised by The School of Positive Psychology, Corporate Changemakers is a free series providing discussion points on how to utilise Positive Organisation Psychology to help organisations navigate through these uncertain times.

Through talks, and fireside chats, we will find out how strategic HR can play a bigger role in organisational wellbeing for a future-oriented workforce to navigate through challenges, tap on hidden potential of people, and enhance resilience.

Who is this for?
People Leaders and HR Professionals


When is the event?
Date: 9 Dec 2020 (Wed)
Time: 3-4pm

Where is this held at?
Online Zoom event: After registration, participants will be sent a link to join the course preview a day prior to event.

Key Takeaways
During this session, you will:

– Learn how to navigate new platforms for employee engagement
– Discover how to create new rules of engagement when working from home
– Find out how to enforce healthy boundaries between work and leisure

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