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Basic Counselling Skills

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Have you ever struggled to respond to a friend who is grieving or in distress? Have you felt at a loss to find the right words that bring comfort?

The ability to listen to and support others can really make a difference, especially during these trying and uncertain times of COVID-19. 

Through this course, you will learn how to play a vital role in supporting others around you using basic counselling skills.

Trainer: Laurence Ho
Student-Teacher Ratio: 1:30

Who is this for?

This course is designed for the general public with little or no background knowledge of counselling but who are interested to become effective people-helpers to those in distress and need support.

It is also especially useful for those who work with others in managerial / supervisory positions and/or in people-facing sectors.

What you will learn

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Participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion upon meeting the attendance requirement.

Course Duration

1 day (9 hours)

Course Fee

SGD 378 w/GST (Skillsfuture Credit eligible)


What Students Say

Xie Li Xin
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"I hope to learn more about human behaviour and mental processes and from attending the Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology course, I am beginning to understand about all these. I am now able to interact better with people around me, achieving better relationships with others. One of my favourite module in the Advanced Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology is Business Psychology, as it is benefiting me in line of what I am going to do next. That is starting a business in the near future."
Linarti Hiu, 2015
( Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling )
"I feel very lucky I found this school by chance and I decided to go for it, I learnt a lot of things and it has changed my life. The modules were interesting and full of surprises and I found myself really lacked of something that I need in order to live better, and be a better me. I understand myself better and learn to understand others. Happiness is our choice. If we choose to be happy, no other people can make our live miserable. If we choose to live in misery, nobody can make us happy. In this school, I get to know lots of wonderful friends, lots of opportunity and lots of fun. Life is not about waiting for the storm to stop, but to enjoy and learn how to dance in the rain. I believe future me will thank me for all the choice that I make today."
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"Studying Applied Positive Psychology at TSPP had been an awakening experience, as well as being so much fun. The school not only helped me to identify what matters to me most, but also provided some practical tools so I can design the path to pursue my passion. It enables students to rethink options from a place of strength & love; where possibilities are limitless. I am so happy to be part of this invigorating community: the network of great lecturers and open minded, caring classmates are priceless."
Valerie Guichard
( Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling )
"When I enrolled at the school, I was searching for answers, was hoping to start something new and also felt pretty low. Within a few weeks of studying Positive Psychology, my life changed. I learned to savour the present, to listen to others mindfully and reconnected with myself and my people. I also learned that honesty and humour are valued character strengths! Learning different therapies and concepts, from amazingly talented lecturers, has also strengthened the fact that I want to use my own life experiences to pursue a career in counseling to help young adults in the future. Last but not least, some of my peers have become close friends. ‘Other people matter’ alright!"
Mahtani Aveen Gul
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"The PDP course was extremely enjoyable yet progressive at the same time. The trainers that delivered the course material did so with ease and patience and were extremely open to any questions or clarifications we had. The content provided a vital platform and foundation for the practice of the various forms of interventions used in professional psychology."
Jennifer Mitchell, 2019
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"This is a gratitude letter to thank you Patricia and all the staff for giving me this opportunity to pursue my dreams in a subject I have long been interested in. At my age and lack of A levels was always a problem in me finding a good academic course that I am interested in. You gave me a chance, and I am eternally grateful. Every module I’ve done has been an eye opener and a joy. I was searching for answers to answer questions in my own life. This course is doing that. I am especially grateful to Mr. Lam and Mr. Ho. their teachings helped me make sense of what goes on in my head. Thank you again for giving me hope of a happier and more fulfilled life. And thank you to Bernie for all her beautiful smiles, patience and helpfulness. You are all giving me a year to remember for the rest of my life - a very happy year!"
Lim In In
( Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy )
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses offered at TSPP. The instructors are experienced and engaging, the course material interesting and relevant to laying a solid foundation for future career in psychology and psychotherapy, the people and environment helpful and conducive to learning. It has been overall an awesome experience for me."
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"The opportunity given to be studying in The School of Positive Psychology has given me a tremendous start to want to pursue a career in Psychotherapy. The lecturers and the staff of Positive Psychology has always been motivating and encouraging and the classrooms are designed such as to promote fun and happiness and interaction for students and I really like it! It’s interesting. It also always never fails to make me look forward to meeting my friends back in school, even though most of us are from different walks of life and it has also changed me to be more outspoken, positive in my daily life as well as to believe in myself that I am able to excel in what I’m good at. The learning journey, the friends I’ve got to meet, the lecturers and staff who make studying so much more fun and interesting, basically my whole journey with The School of Positive Psychology was indeed memorable and priceless to me."
Zax Woon
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"I chose this course as I wanted to understand myself better and also to improve my interpersonal communication skills. It is also my aspiration to use positive psychology to coach others, inspire and help people around me to tap their fullest potential. And to improve their quality of life!"
Eve Tang
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"I came across The School of Positive Psychology in the papers and decided to drop by and check out what they offer as I am interested in this field of study. I took fancy in the Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology course and it didn't take me long for me to apply as a student. After a year into this course, I took up the Advanced Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology. Business psychology and positive personality traits are the 2 most interesting modules in the course and it is very beneficial for me as a person and for whatever I might be doing it the future. Most of the psychologists (Lecturers) are fun and interesting, which makes the class fun and lively all the time. I enjoyed the class participations and discussions very much and my time spent here at The School of Positive Psychology."
Emil Chung
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"I believe that the class should continue this lively mood in building positive learning. The art of happiness is only a part of positive psychology. With more insight from this module, it opened up my mind on how to balance my current and enhance my future."
Priya Lata D/O Kromoorthy, 2014
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"The coaching style is very engaging! My favourite part of the course is the workshop where we got to do group and partner work because they provided the opportunity for hands on application of the theories we learned. I feel that what we learned can be used in more ways than one and it’s applicable to everyone!"
Jasmine Chevallez, 2012
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"It is a nice and smooth module that was running in a very professional and interesting way by our lecturer, Sha En. Right from day one she allowed us to live and apply this journey of learning the different psychology interventions. She shared her own experience which allowed us to connect easily and in a very warm hearted way to the subject. This module already gave us amazing tools to apply Positive Interventions in our daily lives as much in a personal and a professional level."
Stephen Chee
( Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy )
"I would like to thank the trainers and the staff, - “One of the most persuasive positive factors that led me to The School of Positive Psychology was the fact that there were prominent senior lecturers teaching at the school, and they are excellent positive trainers”."
Carol Teo
( Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling )
"I gained a lot through this course and now understand better why people think and behave the way they do. It also places me in a better position to know how to reach out to those in need. I also made new supportive friends from different walks of life through the course!"
Zax Woon
( Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy )
"The PDP course is an intensive and rigorous training for aspiring psychotherapist and counsellors. You will get to learn very practical counseling skills and have the chance to hands on under the careful supervision of the passionate lecturers."
Belle Lee
( Wellbeing Strategies to Boost Resilience & Mental Health )
"The lecturer delivers the workshop in an interactive way which I found easy to understand and also inspired me. I learned skills that I can use on every relationship in my life. I highly recommend this course to everyone who would like to positively impact their own life and the lives of people around them."
Victoria Conceiro, 2014
( Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"I found the workshop in the course really awesome and so practical and helpful. I love the way we were so-called 'forced' to mix around and get to know each other. After the workshop, I found a stronger bond between my classmates and I, even those that I did not usually hang out with. I appreciated learning about Appreciative Inquiry and have started using that in various aspects of my life, such as at home and at work and I can see that it really does create a lighter and happier atmosphere with increased productivity and efficiency. I think this is because AI introduces a feel-good factor. To sum it up, the workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and educational. I give it a 10!"

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