Expressing Individuality Is Not a Crime

Expressing Individuality Is Not a Crime

Be You, Do You, and Worry Less

Ever been shamed by your choice of hobby? Or have you ever been told you can’t do certain things because of your gender or age? Been criticized over your choice of outfit?

These opinions are formed by Shamers. Be it body-shamers, fashion-shamers, or even personality shamers, there are always people who are down to make others feel bad about themselves. Fact is, we can’t please everybody, and shouldn’t feel the need to do so. We are all created differently, with a different soul and mind. Individuality is to express yourself through your thoughts, actions, values and work. Everyone of us have a distinct part within ourselves that makes us stand out from each other. We are all different in the same way. BUT that is what makes teamwork so important and dynamic. In a team or an organization, the members often come from different background and possess different strengths. For example, I may be well-versed in the languages or arts, but when it comes to mathematics/science, I’m completely clueless. A team with an array of different talents makes the work impeccable and coordinated. Without individuality, we are not able to express our strengths. What makes us unique should be worth celebrating.

I always felt that discrimination is a form of deeply rooted ignorance. When someone doesn’t understand why others are different, you can either try to open your heart to accept them, or shut them down because you think it is not appropriate, proper or it doesn’t coincide with your way of life and what you love. If you think like the latter, that would leave room for discrimination. Because when you only love what you know, then you don’t let others flourish. Now disagreeing with one another is not a crime either. It is common for humans to have conflicts with one another because we all run through things differently. But to respect each other’s opinion is vital.

You may enjoy the arts and baseball, and your roommate may not. And that’s fine. You may enjoy wearing jeans while your friend loves his shorts. Does that mean you have to be at each other’s throats and judge one another? No. Wear whatever you want and do whatever you want without fearing what others would say, because we can’t stop what others say. Negative comments are inevitable, but you never know the impact you can make on someone’s life when you are fearless and not afraid to be yourself. Encouraging people to be confident and happy in their own skin is a beautiful sight to behold. So live life without judgment today, because individuality is a form of expression that is worth celebrating. It doesn’t matter what race you are or what clothing you choose to wear. Love is the only thing we should fight for.