Guide To Increase Emotional Wellness

Guide To Increase Emotional Wellness

Our emotional health deserves the same tender loving care we typically afford our physical bodies. Acquiring new habits isn’t easy but it’s time to pick up these habits to improve your emotional wellness!

#01 Protect Your Self Esteem Practice self-compassion when your self-esteem is low. Allowing your self-esteem to recover will give you a big boost to your overall mental health.

#02 Take Control After a Failure

Do not loose motivation after failing. Review your goal and how you approached it. Focus on factors that are within your control and give thoughts on how you can improve will increase your chances of future success.

#03 Distract Yourself From Brooding Thoughts

Avoid repetitive distressing thoughts. Once you start brooding, distract yourself by engaging in tasks which require concentration. Allow those distressing thoughts to recede and for your mood to recover.

#04 Find Meaning After a Loss

Think about possible ways in which you might derive some good from the loss. Doing so can be challenging, but gaining a sense of appreciation and purpose will allow you to gain strength from your memories rather than feel broken by them.

#05 Recover Self-Worth After a Rejection

In order to help your self-worth recover after a rejection, remind yourself of what you have to offer. This will help your self-worth rebound, ease your emotional pain, and improve your short and long-term mental health.