Certificate in Introduction to Positive Education

Certificate in Introduction to Positive Education

Held online over a period of 2 evenings in July, the Certificate in Introduction to Positive Education equips educators to understand the science of positive psychology and how it can be applied to education settings, for improved wellbeing at a large-scale.

Traditionally, a large part of education focused on academics and character strength development. Positive education emphasises the importance of training both the heart as well as the mind in education. These researched-backed methodologies prepare students with the ability to thrive and cope with any challenges, and include life skills such as resilience, grit, growth mindset, mindfulness and optimism.

In Positive Education, school is seen as a place where students not only cultivate their intellectual minds, but also develop a broad set of character strengths, virtues, and competencies, which together support their wellbeing.

There is a rise in mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety globally. Governments, universities, schools and systems have often been criticised for their responses towards mental health. Despite the increase of mental health conditions, many educational facilities and teachers still remain unprepared to manage the wellbeing of students and themselves too.

With positive education, schools will be able to shift from a traditional welfare model towards a holistic wellbeing model.

Learn how you can use Positive Education to:

  • Equip students with the mindsets and skills to thrive
  • Help to create flourishing societies for the future
  • Create effective teaching techniques
  • Unite the global push for greater wellbeing
  • Understand of the unique Singapore education context


This programme is suitable for:

  • People who wish to improve wellbeing in students
  • Educators
  • Administrators working in schools
  • Thought leaders in the education industry
  • School counsellors
  • People who are interested in making a difference in educational systems


Participants will be awarded a Certificate in Introduction to Positive Education by The School of Positive Psychology.

Dates: 20 & 21 Jul 2020 (Mon & Tue)

Both sessions will be conducted online from 7.00–11.00pm



20 July 2020 – Introduction and Overview of Positive Education by Prof. Ilona Boniwell

The wealth of countries in the 21st century appears to provide relatively little protection for their youth, with recent international surveys revealing a worrisome picture concerning well-being, depression and anxiety of children and young people.

Positive education is a new area that brings together the findings of positive psychology and education, with the aim of providing students with psychological knowledge and practical skills that can help them to live a life of flourishing and become more resilient by coping with problems in productive ways.


21 July 2020 – Whole School Positive Education by Frederika Roberts

A positive climate in the school as a whole is associated with teacher and student satisfaction, lower stress levels, and better academic results. Common features of a whole school approach includes a safe environment, an articulated and shared vision of the school’s purpose, explicit goals for students, emphasis on the individual student, and rewarding student effort or improvement.

This session will provide an overview of existing models of whole school positive education and will put forward the LeAF (Learn and Flourish) model that enables each school to carry out a comprehensive diagnostics of their needs and provision and discover the best ways forward.


About the trainers:


  • Positive Education Programme Leader
  • CEO of Positran
  • Best-selling Author & TED Speaker
  • Founder of the European Network of Positive Psychology Strategic Programme Leader
  • MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University

As one of the world’s foremost authorities on positive psychology, Prof. Ilona Boniwell is sought-after by governments around the world for her high-level research and expertise. She has worked with the governments of Dubai and Bhutan to develop frameworks for their country’s wellbeing policies.

An accomplished academic and researcher, Prof. Boniwell is currently the Programme Leader for the first Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology in Europe at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. She also lectures at École Centrale Paris and The School of Positive Psychology (TSPP) in Singapore, and is an academic board member of TSPP.

A pioneer in the field, Prof. Boniwell founded the European Network of Positive Psychology, which represents more than 23 countries in Europe, and organised the first European Congress of Positive Psychology in the UK. She has also been appointed Vice-chair of the International Positive Psychology Association and is currently a member of its Executive Board.



Frederika holds an International MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) and is currently working towards an EdD (Professional Doctorate in Education) at the University of Derby.  In her Masters’ dissertation, supervised by Prof. Ilona Boniwell, she developed a new model (LeAF – Learn and Flourish) for whole school Positive Education, an area she has a particular academic and professional interest in.

Frederika is also a former teacher (PGCE, University of Huddersfield).  She is a published author in Positive and Character Education (Character Toolkit for Teachers, with Elizabeth Wright, 2018; For Flourishing’s Sake, 2020) and has been working as a trainer/lecturer, speaker and consultant in Positive Education since 2013.

In addition to this work, Frederika is European Representative for IPPAed, the International Positive Psychology Association’s Positive Education division. She has presented at Positive Education and Positive Psychology conferences worldwide (IPPA World Congress Montréal & Melbourne, IPEN Dallas, Fort Worth & London).


Training fee:
$695.50 w/GST

For registration or further enquiries, please fill in the contact form below or call us at +65 6884 5162.


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