It’s okay to take time to heal

It’s okay to take time to heal

Many times, when we stumble onto obstacles in our lives, we either grow from the ordeal, or let it break us. Unfortunately, cracks don’t always surface immediately. It may take time for it to show, but we know it’s there. What happens then, when the cracks starts to show, and the issues that we once thought have been resolved comes back to haunt us? Avoidance is a common way for us to hide from our emotional burden, and it may seem like an easy way out. After all, routine is a familiar path for many of us. We get up, brush our teeth and go about our day. Life still goes on, and our problems may pale in comparison to what seems essential in our daily lives. Maybe it’s a job that we need to go to, or a person that you need to take care of. Many times, our responsibilities in our lives take precedence over our emotional health. There is seemingly a lack of emphasis on our inner healing. But when we brush off the things that are closest to our heart, our lives can go awry.

We should never ignore the burning symptoms that points to a need for a mental break. Regardless of the judgements one may face, we are human beings that are not made from sticks and stones. It should never be an issue to voice out our discomfort or take time to focus on our well-being. Everyone has a different sense of resilience, while some bounce back relatively fast from hurts and trauma, it does not mean that others are wired to do the same. Everyone is different and it is okay to tell yourself to take a breather and feel the thorough emotional processes properly. In a fast-paced society that we live in, it can be daunting to tell others that you need a break, or that things are too overwhelming, especially when it seems like your peers are all doing okay. But your health matters, and YOU matter. We should never let our fear of judgements ruin our mental well-being because a healthy mind equates to a healthy body. If we do not take care of what is inside, it will come back to haunt us in the worst way possible. Don’t walk with a wounded heart. If you are feeling hurt or depressed, seek help in every possible way and don’t give up. Surround yourself with genuine and compassionate people, for the right people can guide you back to the correct path.

We make our own choices and even when it seems like we can’t, an attempt is always an option. I believe that if you do the right things for your mind and body then the right things will come to you.


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