My beautiful wings of psychotherapy

My beautiful wings of psychotherapy

My goal was to obtain a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy. However I ended up getting so much more. I feel like the very hungry caterpillar that after eating my way through the menu of The School of Positive Psychology has come out of my cocoon as a butterfly spreading my beautiful wings of psychotherapy. I imagine my wings being colorful and multi-dimesional with an interesting intertwined pattern representing a Pandora’s box of techniques and knowledge.

TSPP provides a professional, caring and safe framework and community for students. The lecturers are professional and knowledgable delivering a high standard of teaching theory and application together with supervision throughout, making sure graduates will leave with a Diploma of high standard in hand.

However – why settle for that when the school offer so much more? When you can chose to take full advantage of the knowledge, lifeskills and challenges of the amazing staff and your fellow students at TSPP and bring your learning to a totally different level. When you can experience some form of personal transformation.

Personally, my journey has taken me through an overwhelming amount of stages and emotions. Amongst so many other things, I have found myself being vulnerable, trusting, amazed, surprised, sceptical, self-reflective, challenged, engaged, motivated, de-motivated, worried, excited, happy, joyful, caring, cared for, loving, loved, safe, impressed, overwhelmed, provoked and inspired.

I have found myself sharing, listening, empathising, embrasing and being embrased. I have learned the art of active listening, unconditional positive regard and to meet another person without judgment or assumptions.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know people of many different ages, values, religions and professional and cultural backgrounds, which – together with some of our units – has led me to not only opening my eyes and understanding of others, but also added another dimension of getting to know myself, my own culture and values better.

All of the above has been nurtured by and would not have been possible without the TSPP community and staff. Without them my beautiful new wings would probably have been less colorful, more two dimensional and the pattern less complex.