The School of Positive Psychology


I found the workshop in the course really awesome and so practical and helpful. I love the way we were so-called 'forced' to mix around and get to know each other. After the workshop, I found a stronger bond between my classmates and I, even those that I did not usually hang out with. I appreciated learning about Appreciative Inquiry and have started using that in various aspects of my life, such as at home and at work and I can see that it really does create a lighter and happier atmosphere with increased productivity and efficiency. I think this is because AI introduces a feel-good factor. To sum it up, the workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and educational. I give it a 10!
Victoria Conceiro
Position, Company
Graduate of Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology
It is a nice and smooth module that was running in a very professional and interesting way by our lecturer, Sha En. Right from day one she allowed us to live and apply this journey of learning the different psychology interventions. She shared her own experience which allowed us to connect easily and in a very warm hearted way to the subject. This module already gave us amazing tools to apply Positive Interventions in our daily lives as much in a personal and a professional level.
Jasmine Chevallez, 2012
Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology
The coaching style is very engaging! My favourite part of the course is the workshop where we got to do group and partner work because they provided the opportunity for hands on application of the theories we learned. I feel that what we learned can be used in more ways than one and it’s applicable to everyone!
Priya Lata D/O Kromoorthy, 2014
Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology