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Certificate in Addictions and Interventions

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Addictions and Interventions aim to address the causes of addiction and the various intervention techniques used to overcome addiction. Students will learn skills to help clients set goal commitments, work on resistance, address underlying causes of addiction, and cultivate motivational emotions such as self-efficacy.

Entry Requirement

Course Assessment

Course Duration

3 months, part time

Course Fee

SGD 1,853.00 w/GST


What Students Say

Marilynn Lee, 2023
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"Using what I have learnt in TSPP, I share with my students how to write a letter to their future self and the power of envisioning their end goal. This helps with their motivation to want to learn. I share with them how to recognize stress, especially when high-stakes exams are round the corner and to practice mindfulness in the midst of chaos in their minds. These sharing has helped me to build a strong rapport with my students and their parents. "
Joshua Lim Sheng Ming, 2023
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"The biggest impact for me was re-exploring becoming a coach. Some years ago I'd had a very bad experience with a coaching training program after which I completely wrote-off coaching. Through TSPP, I attended Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener's Positive Psychology Coaching Training and it helped me there that there are other ways to coach and I didn't have to be limited to the method I'd initially been taught. I also appreciated the focus on learning to create our own interventions."
Lim Mei Yean, 2022
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"A nugget of wisdom that I gained from TSPP was how the word ‘listen’ is actually an anagram for ‘silent’. If you employ silence when listening, you not only hear what people say but how they say it, which deepens the connections you have with those around you. As a business development manager and senior underwriter at a financial institution, I mostly deal with corporate clients. With Positive Psychology, I am able to understand my clients better and sympathise with the challenges they face internally. As I have grown to become more aware of my strengths, I am able to utilise them appropriately in various work settings. Don’t wait. If you can spend money on something else, you’d rather spend it on improving yourself. "
Hiroshi Limmell, 2021
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"I was hesitant to sign up for a course mid-career but that decision turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. The new learnings helped to spur a new interest in an academic area that I was not trained in 20 years ago as a graduate. Adult learning may be tricky at first, especially when juggling a full-time job. The School of Positive Psychology understands what adult learners face and provides support to ease us to a good learning pace, and that is what allowed me to learn at a pace that was reasonable."
Vijaya Rani, 2022
( Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology )
"I had been a teacher for 40 years before my retirement, I thought it was timely to better understand the minds and socio-emotional needs of the students and how I could tune them to be ready for learning. For example, with the gratitude jar, you can identify the key pillars supporting or influencing their lives. You can understand these children better – who or what motivates them? Who are the powerful or significant voices in their lives? The knowledge of positive psychology will hold teachers well in providing and enhancing the classroom climate for their diverse learners."

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