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Use Peer Support To Assist In Mental Health Disorders: Online Talk + Preview

Use Peer Support To Assist In Mental Health Disorders: Online Talk + Preview
1 in 7 people in Singapore are affected by mental health disorders, according to the Institute of Mental Health. And on a global scale, at least 10 percent of the world’s population are affected by a mental health disorder at any given point of time.
Despite these statistics, our society still has a long way towards the recognition and acceptance of mental illnesses, especially with pervading myths such as mental illnesses are “all just in the mind”, perpetuating the inaccurate belief that they are not real diseases.
Early detection and support in mental health is important, but not all are equipped to assist those in need. For example, telling a suicidal person to “be strong” could do more harm than good.
In this talk by Principal Psychologist Bernice Lim, acquire knowledge on how to be an effective mental health peer supporter.
Using basic psychotherapy techniques, learn how you can spot the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety – the world’s most common mental health disorders.
Discover the common myths and hearsay about particular mental illnesses, and be informed of how to react if you suspect a person is suicidal, or if someone approaches you with suicidal ideation.
At this Psychotherapy talk, learn how to:
  1. Identify the symptoms of depression, anxiety and suicidal intention
  2. Observe and assess emotions related to facial expression, body language,and paralinguistic cues
  3. Provide peer support to someone in distress
The talk will be followed by the Course Preview of Psychotherapy programmes.
What is the online course preview about?
This is an opportunity for anyone interested in TSPP’s courses to learn more about the course structure, career pathways and entry requirements. After a presentation by our consultant, attendees will be able to participate in a Q&A session, and learn more about admissions procedures.
14 Jul 2022, Thu
Online Zoom event:
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About the Speaker: Bernice Lim
Event - Bernice Lim
Bernice Lim
Bernice is the founder and director of Asia Psychology Centre, a private psychological practice based in Paragon Medical. As its principal psychologist, she engages with clients and patients aged 8 to adulthood in therapy. Her focus and clinical interests include emotion regulation (anxiety, depression, anger, etc), stress management, parenting and relationship issues. Her corporate experience as a psychologist who has worked with C-suite level executives has also made her an established vocational coach with a passion for helping clients with career transition, communication and motivational issues at work.
Bernice strongly believes that the needs of each client are unique, and tailors her therapy approach to suit each client for maximum therapeutic effectiveness. She employs a blend of cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness and emotion-focused interventions in accordance to her client’s needs.
Work in the therapy room aside, Bernice also conducts talks, workshops, and webinars on various topics related to mental health and wellness. Audience and participants have included the general public, as well as various corporate organizations (Microsoft, Julius Baer, Munich Re, Cummins, Dow Chemical, HPI, Vodafone, Coca Cola etc) and government-related bodies (LTA, HPB, CPF, SMU, Keppel Corp etc). Some recent talks and workshops that Bernice has conducted have dealt with the following topics: Parental Management Training, Emotional Resilience in Post-Covid Times, Supporting and Identifying Employees in Distress, and Combating Burn-out.
We welcome everyone who is interested in psychology, psychotherapy, or helping to bring out the best in others to join us for this preview session.
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  • Date : July 14, 2022
  • Time : 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm (UTC+8)
  • Reg. Deadline : July 14, 2022 12:00 am
  • Venue : Zoom

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