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Inspiring Evenings – Let’s Talk Passion

Inspiring Evenings – Let’s Talk Passion

Is passion necessary for our growth and well-being? Is there such a thing as a destructive passion? How do we discover our passion?

When most of us think of passion, we might be inclined to think of intense love towards someone or something, maybe even an emotion that is difficult to control.

On the other hand, discovering your passion can propel us towards our goals, increase our ability to be in the flow and potentially discover meaning in our lives. Based on our own experience, as well as our cultural lens, we can hold diverse opinions and perspectives on how we perceive passion in our lives. There are two types of passion. Harmonious passion meets our psychological needs, increases positive emotions and supports high quality relationships; whereas obsessive passion can create stress, anxiety and affect our overall well- being.

Join us for a cosy sharing session, where Leonard Ng will be addressing the age-old question of “How Do I Find My Passion?” A music educator and performer who had enjoyed stints at stages from Esplanade to Korea, Leonard is no stranger to the art of pursuing passion. In addition, Leonard will be sharing tips on how to get going when the going gets tough. Participants are welcome to share experiences of their own unique discovery of passion as well.

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Date: 24 May 2019 (Friday)
Time: 7.30 – 9pm
Fee: S$12

* Refreshments will be provided during the event.


Inspiring Evenings is a monthly event held at The School of Positive Psychology, where authentic conversations are shared to empower and uplift one another. If you know of any outstanding individuals with an inspiring story, please recommend the speaker to us at


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