What Hypnotherapy really feels like

What Hypnotherapy really feels like

Being in a hypnotic state does not symbolise weakness. It will not make you lose control or consciousness. Hypnosis plays a pivotal role in the improvement of general health and can even help increase focus and attention.

I had no knowledge on Hypnotherapy prior to my extremely short session. The only idea I had sketched in my head about Hypnosis is the pendulum and trance-inducing tactics that are constantly perpetuated on television and in movies. Of course, media portrayal of Hypnotherapy is not reliable (not in the slightest bit) and the only time I came across the subject again was when I googgled ways to overcome certain forms of anxiety and distress. It piqued my curiosity but not enough for me to research on it further.

When I was given the opportunity to be ‘hypnotized’ I immediately rejected the idea, probably because it seems to me that Hypnotherapy is only used for anxieties, phobias and negative emotions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m also an intensely private and inexpressive person, so I feel like hypnotherapy is akin to having someone pry my brain and dig out the bad stuff that was inside. I would prefer to seek other forms of therapy.

I finally got a chance to experience my very first hypnotherapy session, and it was nothing but relaxing. I experienced what I now know to be called as a “Safe place”, some hypnotherapy technique I presume. During my five minute session, I was asked to close my eyes and think of a time I felt proud of myself, a moment I felt encouraged and hopeful. I was also asked to describe the atmosphere and feelings. There were also deep breathing exercises, which I really liked. Mainly, the session was to envision my future self on a positive note. The overall feeling I had experienced was a nice fuzzy sense of reassurance. I was given encouraging questions, and felt warm because I envisioned myself in a POSITIVE place. One thing I did noticed was when the Hypnotherapist was speaking, my eyes were closed and as the session progressed further, the vision inside my eyes became brighter and brighter as I was flourishing my personal safe place with gifts and fluffy sunshine. It felt nice, although I was aware that I am not in trance. (And I probably wasn’t). I could still hear footsteps and was quite present in my surroundings. I don’t think I’m easily hypnotized because I’m so unwilling to go into deep trance myself. But this form of Hypnotherapy is so reassuring and relaxing, I would see myself giving it a second try in the future. Maybe you can, too.